National Vendors

Auto Integrate recognized at the early stage of development that, with a dominant share of the marketplace and a nationwide footprint of service locations, national suppliers would require an integrated system solution in order to gain the full benefits offered by the new system. Therefore, Auto Integrate offers a customized solution that can seamlessly integrate into an existing point of sale and business administration system.

It uses data currently being entered to drive the repair request and authorization process. Ultimately it enables national suppliers to adopt and use Auto Integrate with minimal developmental concerns or training. Auto Integrate has a dedicated development team and project management resource centre that works directly with key supplier stakeholders to support and manage the integration in order to deliver a system that offers:

  • A fully integrated solution that utilizes data from existing point of sale or business administration systems and removes the need to ‘double key’ data
  • One time system development program. Once integrated, Auto Integrate supports trading with all fleet management clients (both current and future adopters).
  • Enhanced speed of submission and approval. Removing the need to wait while data is keyed in by the fleet management company, which in turn, frees up employee to focus on immediate revenue opportunities or ‘walk in’ customers
  • Automatized authorizations delivered in less than 5 seconds
  • Integrated pricing supports automatic authorization
  • System generated invoice validation provides PO data at agreed cost
  • Removes need to manually review invoices or raise credit notes, releasing accounts function resource

Integration Options

Whilst we envisage that each national supplier that adopts the system will ultimately have an integration package directly into their Point of Sale platform, there is a direct use interim option available.

It is possible for the national vendors to use the Auto Integrate website directly. This can work very well as a pilot scheme to test some of the benefits of the platform before committing to an integration process.