Fleet Management Companies

Auto Integrate has been designed to streamline the existing process that requires suppliers to telephone through details of work required to the fleet management companies for approval.

After manually keying information into their systems and reviewing them, the fleet management companies then provide suppliers with the authorization to complete work that they deem required and within pricing parameters.

Auto Integrate not only fundamentally changes this process but also delivers details of work required electronically to the fleet management company, therefore removing their need to key in data.

Integrated repair time estimates and 'real time' tracking support a proactive Downtime Management function that enables fleet management companies to monitor the progress and enhance the speed of all authorized repairs. Meanwhile minimizing inconvenience for their clients and drivers.

Customized data feeds deliver full details of all work requested and completed to the fleet management company. Robust data management protocols ensure accurate population of existing systems and vehicle maintenance histories. In addition, customizable invoice validation data is also generated to aid existing billing and payment systems, further reducing the system development required to adopt Auto Integrate.

  • Single platform benefits
  • Supports all of your supplier network (both current and future adopters)
  • National Account and Independent Shops
  • Enhances speed and reduces investment in system development
  • Full data integration with existing business management system
  • Streamlined integration within current business processes
  • One time training
  • Streamlined operational processes
  • Technical advisors no data entry
  • Automated approvals reduces phone traffic by 70%
  • Invoice processing
  • Validated invoice values removes invoice disputes

Fleet Management Companies Integration Options

At Auto Integrate we pride ourselves on implementation flexibility. This allows us to deliver exactly what our clients require in a way that minimizes impact on their business, integrating with their existing technology. We achieve this by approaching each implementation as a stand-alone project and a dedicated development team and project management resource centre that works directly with key stakeholders to support and manage the integration from discovery phase to delivery.

We have identified 2 key integration options for our fleet management company client base.

Electronic authorizations managed through the website application.

Via the website the fleet management company can administer all repair orders that originate electronically from either independent or national vendors, and existing manual telephone repair are handled by existing methods.

All Authorizations managed through the website.

This method allows the fleet management company to completely update their maintenance IT interfaces without substantial capital outlay. Following an in depth, dedicated discovery phase to ensure all functionality required is present, the fleet management company can simply start using the Auto Integrate solution as their fleet maintenance authorization tool.

This integration option give the functionality to administer all repair orders that originate electronically from either the independent or national vendors and providing a platform to enter repair orders received by phonedata fed directly into existing system

This integration option would feed all of the data through to Auto Integrate in the usual way from the vendors but then feed that data directly through to the fleet management companies maintenance system.

This would allow the fleet management company to receive the benefit of having the data presented without the need for keying in to their maintenance system.