• Independent VendorsAuto Integrate is simple, easy to use and is available on the web. This means there is no requirement for investment in new equipment or to download any new software.
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  • National VendorsAuto Integrate offers a customized solution that can seamlessly integrate into an existing point of sale and business administration system.
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  • Fleet Management CompaniesAuto Integrate streamlines the existing telephone based authorization process, replacing it with a fully audited electonic based platform.
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Welcome to Auto Integrate

Auto Integrate is a web-based ‘real time’ maintenance authorization tool that has been developed specifically for the US and Canadian fleet management service industry and its vendors. It streamlines existing transactional workflow to deliver enhanced operational efficiencies, adding a new dimension to the way fleet management companies and their suppliers interact.

The Auto Integrate platform has been designed to support the full spectrum of industry users and fleet management companies, as well as large national suppliers and smaller, independent vendors.